If you have visited Switzerland once in your life, you will surely come back. This country has to offer more than a wonderful glance to the peaks of the Alps. But spending Holiday is the best opportunity to get a first impression of this wonderful country. You have already been there and perhaps you have worked in Switzerland? Then you know, that your first impression did not deceive you and you are thinking about setting up a company in Switzerland. The idea is not bad, if you have the financial means and a good concept for your startup. It would be very helpful, if you’re from a country in Western Europe or especially from the full member countries of the European Union. But even if you are coming from another country, you can try to set up a company in Switzerland. The best way is to get in touch with Startups.ch and to walk the path together with them. Like every country in the world, Switzerland has different legal provisions concerning start ups through strangers. It will be very helpful to have contacts to native business partners, who can help you to avoid the faults, which have been already made in the past through others.