Whether it’s for work, business, family or simply for leisure, this guide on moving to Switzerland will provide you with some useful tips and help make your relocation Switzerland run smoothly.

1. Shipping your belongings
There’s only so much you can take with you on an aeroplane, so you will need to plan how you are going to get the rest of your things overseas. You could go down the minimilastic route, take only the necessities and start afresh when you arrive. This is by far the easiest and cheapest option, and you can sell most your things before you leave. Alternatively, you could send your items by cargo or courier.
2. Setting up utilities
In Switzerland you will find many companies cover all three of the main utility services you will need, i.e. gas, water and electric. What you will need will depend on where you’ll be living. If you’re renting an apartment, many utilities are likely to be included in rent. The main suppliers are Swiss Electric, Axpo, Buzman & Atel.
3. Relocating the pet
Arranging travel for your pet is difficult and time consuming, but for most it is necessary. Research pet relocation services to find one that will help you through the process and sort out all the documentation.