Switzerland is a wonderful country in the middle of Europe. Every year many tourists are visiting it to spend their Holiday there. Switzerland is not a part of the European Union, but there are special relationships between Switzerland and the Eu. In Switzerland are working and living citizens of other states. Many of them are from Germany or from other countries in the Swiss neighbourhood. The Swiss people are speaking four native languages. Most of them are speaking German, the second language is French and the third one is Italian. But there is also a fourth language, from which a lot of people in the world do not even know, that it exists. This old language is Rhaeto-Romance and nowadays it is spoken by only a few thousand people. Of course Swiss people are learning English at school and they speak it very well. The economic situation in Switzerland is quite good and Swiss products are recognized in the whole world for their excellent quality. Setting up a company in Switzerland is quite easy, if the founder comes from a country in Western Europe and if he asks for support from Swiss specialists like the ones of Startups.ch.