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Switzerland offers more than the Alps and skiing

If you have visited Switzerland once in your life, you will surely come back. This country has to offer more than a wonderful glance to the peaks of the Alps. But spending Holiday is the best opportunity to get a first impression of this wonderful country. You have already been there and perhaps you have worked in Switzerland? Continue reading “Switzerland offers more than the Alps and skiing” »

Getting to and from Zurich Airport

There are plenty of options by rail or road to get from the airport to your hotel in Zurich. The largest airport in the country, Zurich Airport is just a twelve minute train journey from the city centre. The airport’s railway station is found next to the airport’s shopping centre at the sub-2 level. A single ticket to the central railway station is affordable and will leave you within steps of major hotels, including the welcoming Comfort Hotel. Always purchase your ticket before boarding the train and check to see that you are in the right class.

An alternative to the train is a tram. Line number 10 runs between Zurich Airport and the city centre, and links with Zurich’s main railway station. The cost of tram ride is the same as the train. Although the journey is longer than taking the train, it is much more scenic and gives you a stunning and intimate look at the city when compared to other transfer options. A number of bus lines also link the airport with the city centre. The bus terminal is located south of the airport’s shopping centre at ground level, which is also where the stop for the tram is located.


Experience Zurich’s Financial Trading History

The SIX Swiss Exchange is the country’s main stock exchange and home of the Swiss Market Index (SMI). The SIX was formed from the merger of stock exchanges in Geneva, Basle and Zurich in 1993. In 1995, the stock exchange was the first in the world to adopt a fully automated trading, clearing and settlement system. The SIX is also a reference market for Swiss securities and is one of Europe’s leading providers of financial information. The imposing SIX Swiss Exchange building is located at Selnaustrasse 30, just a twenty minute walk south-west of the Comfort Hotel in Zurich.

Although touring the SIX Swiss Exchange is not possible, visitors to Zurich can explore the Museum Wertpapeierwelt to gain insights into the history of stocks and securities in Switzerland and around the world. The Wertparpierwelt is the world’s first museum for historical bonds and shares. Exhibits share the history of some 400 years of international economics and finance. The museum is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., although guided tours can be arranged for groups from Monday to Thursday. The Wertpapierwelt is located next to the SIX Securities Services at Baslerstrasse 90, about a seven minute walk from the Olten train station and just under an hour’s train journey from central Zurich.


Moving to Switzerland: A Guide

Whether it’s for work, business, family or simply for leisure, this guide on moving to Switzerland will provide you with some useful tips and help make your relocation Switzerland run smoothly.

1. Shipping your belongings
There’s only so much you can take with you on an aeroplane, so you will need to plan how you are going to get the rest of your things overseas. You could go down the minimilastic route, take only the necessities and start afresh when you arrive. This is by far the easiest and cheapest option, and you can sell most your things before you leave. Alternatively, you could send your items by cargo or courier.
2. Setting up utilities
In Switzerland you will find many companies cover all three of the main utility services you will need, i.e. gas, water and electric. What you will need will depend on where you’ll be living. If you’re renting an apartment, many utilities are likely to be included in rent. The main suppliers are Swiss Electric, Axpo, Buzman & Atel.
3. Relocating the pet
Arranging travel for your pet is difficult and time consuming, but for most it is necessary. Research pet relocation services to find one that will help you through the process and sort out all the documentation.


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